Thursday, March 21, 2013

Homemade Haircuts

We all had some laughs and the haircut turned out fine.

I’ve been cutting the hair of everyone in my immediate family for the last few years. Brother and Little Sister have never had their hair cut by a professional. I’ve also cut the hair of my brother-in-law, my niece, my sister, and now our friend Justin. (Justin was nice enough to have the whole event documented in these photos.) Since I find it impossible to cut my own hair, Mr. Chanclas (that would be my husband) started cutting my hair last year.

I should note that I have absolutely no professional training in this area. I have a pair of scissors and a cheap set of electric clippers (with guards) that I bought at Kmart a decade or so ago. The only other piece of equipment involved in my haircuts is a short extension cord so I can cut on the front patio. (Clean up is a lot easier outside.) If we are feeling unsure about things we might get out the little mirror so the subject (victim?) can see how the haircut is progressing. Usually our reflection in the front window suffices.

I should also note that I’m not particularly talented at hair cutting, either. I’m just willing to give it a try and I think that is half of what is required to make home haircuts work. The other half is a willing participant who isn’t going to get his or her panties all in a wad if things don’t turn out just so. I mean, it’s just hair. And if it turns out badly you can always go and get it fixed by a professional, which is what you would’ve had to do anyway if you weren’t cutting it at home. So you really aren’t risking anything. (As of yet none of my haircuts have resulted in an emergency visit to the hair salon.)

Here I am trying not to nick Justin's ears with the clippers
If you are just starting out I would suggest starting on kids or on an adult who wants a buzz cut. Kids don't have all the emotional hair baggage that we adults sometimes have so they make forgiving and cheerful participants. Buzz cuts on people of any age are easy (you just choose a guard for the clippers) and you can practice cleaning up the back of the neck and around the ears with the bare clippers. Trimming long hair is quite easy, too, and only requires a pair of scissors.
What do you do if the haircut turns out badly? Besides getting it re-cut by a professional, which I mentioned, you can instead decide on a Plan B cut. The last time I cut Mr. Chanclas' hair I was trying to make it short on the sides and long on top but I just couldn't get the transition right between the long and short. So we moved to Plan B, which was a straight-up buzz cut with a #4 guard and that turned out just fine. The last time Mr. Chanclas cut my hair it turned out pretty wonky in back and too short all over. I wore it covered up with a scarf for a week or two until I felt better about it. We considered re-cutting it but in the end I decided it just needed to grow out a little.

Cutting hair at home can save you a bundle of money in the long run but it is also awesome because it means you need one less professional/specialist in your life. It is one less appointment to make, one less trip in the car, a few dollars more in your pocket, and the knowledge that you did it yourself.

Now who needs a haircut?


  1. ME! But I will admit, I'll have to pay for it. I still refuse to pay for anyone else's haircuts in the family.

  2. You are right it saves a lot. I cut my children's hair and my boyfriend trims mine every other month. Thankfully he is great with the shears, never given me a bad haircut, taught me how to cut the kids' hair and I save hundreds a year. He does use pro grade shears and I bought a good set of Wahl clippers. A great investment. And haircutting capes are a must, lol

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