Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Cast of Making Shift (Who Are These People??)

I am Karen B. You can read more about me here. There are four other people who regularly appear in my posts. They are:

Mr. Chanclas- my long-suffering husband. His name isn't really Chanclas (which means flip-flops in Spanish) but I like to think that it is. He is a Cross Fit dork who has made himself a respectable makeshift home gym. He cheerfully supports all of my homesteading endeavors and lets me cut his hair and bring home van loads of curbside treasures and the occasional flea-infested animal. He really is a good sport about it all. (He doesn't actually wear glasses.)

Big Sister- our 9-year old daughter. She is an outdoors-loving tomboy and avid reader. She has an easygoing nature. She is still young enough to not be embarrassed by my ridiculous hobbies (thank goodness). 

Brother- our 5-year old son, who is both a big and a little brother. He is rough and tumble and has a heart of gold. He likes to build things and is pretty talented at removing nails from scavenged lumber.


Little Sister- our 3-year old daughter. She is a little spitfire who seems to have inherited her father's Latin heat. She has walked proficiently in high heels since birth and potty-trained herself when she was one year old. That sums up a lot right there. 

The non-human animals you might see around here are:

Penny- our ancient hound. She is still an awfully good sport about things.

Emmy- the most tolerant cat on the planet.

Lupe- our other cat who, after healing from a broken back, now has a strange tick where if you scratch her head her back leg jerks uncontrollably. She hisses and spits more than any cat I have ever known.

The Chickens- this is a rotating cast of characters. The most memorable ones are The Banties (a trio of banty hens who are about 10 times smarter than your average chicken), Floyd (a giant, paranoid, oversexed Ameracauna rooster), and Drogo (a tiny but very manly and handsome banty rooster).

And now we have:
The Ducks- Lulu and Maggie, two Khaki Campbells
The Guinea Fowl- 4 French guineas of unknown sex
The Chicks- far too many male chicks of unknown breeding

(And don't tell anyone but next year I hope to add some rabbits!)


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