Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Spring Garden: Phase I

Beth over at Revolution from Home had a fun homework project last week. I think she plans to give her readers some future assignments (yea!) but this one was Project #1: Grow Something. I didn't exactly get anything growing before the homework due date but I *did* get my garden beds all ready to go. I submitted the following photo and was tickled to see that Beth posted it on her blog along with all of the other homework folks turned in. I love seeing what other people are growing and making, too.

My garden area with compost spread and soaker hoses at the ready.
This is the first time I have had a vegetable garden at this house. (We've been here two years.) I made a halfhearted attempt last spring but didn't have a good watering plan and started my plants too late. Everything promptly fried to a crisp in our blazing Central Texas summer sun. This year I'm a lot more determined and I have a plan. I have soaker hoses on all the beds and plan to mulch heavily once the seedlings are big enough. I'm concerned my garden fence might be a little short but we will see. All of those soaker hoses came out of my curbside trash finds last week.

I got some seedlings from our neighbors this week (they own the Tillery Street Plant Company) and some seeds from The Natural Gardener. (Oh my goodness was it crazy over there at this time of  year.) The kids are going to help me get all that in the ground later today and tomorrow. So we are on our way! I hope we can get some good produce out of our garden this year.


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