Friday, April 19, 2013

Update On The Spring Garden: Phase 2

It has been one month since I posted the first photo of our Spring Garden. There wasn't much to look at then since I hadn't planted anything, but all of my seedlings and seeds went into the ground shortly afterwards. Here is what it looks like now:

The herb bed doesn't appear in this photo because it is next to my feet but you can see some tomatoes in the foreground. Behind them, in the upper bed, are the beans, squash, cucumbers, melon, and a lone artichoke plant. The two old baby gates are serving as trellises for the green beans.

I found those old baby gates in the trash during my bulky trash scavenging binge in early March. Last month I let the kids each pick out a packet of flower seeds. Big Sister chose marigolds and planted them in these clay planters. They are looking good!

The mint is growing out of control in this pot, which is wonderful. Everyone loves mint tea.

And this tiny seedling is the first potato sprout in the tater tire setup! I was excited to see it.

And finally, that show-stealer, the tomato. I already have a small green tomato on the vine. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for those tomatoes because they look a bit leggy. I suspect they are not getting as much sun as they would like.


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