Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Scavenged Animal Housing & Other Materials

I did just a teensy bit of scavenging this week. It is bulky trash pickup week for the area near my younger kids' preschool so I made some brief detours on Monday morning. Right off the bat I found this large igloo dog house. Now, my dog doesn't even use a dog house but the other dog houses I have scavenged have served as excellent chick brooders and nighttime nesting spots for teenaged birds. This particular igloo will probably house ducks for the rest of its days. Shortly after finding The Igloo I found The Hutch. I don't know what this thing used to be in its former life but it is made of lumber, plywood, and hardware cloth and that, to me, says Rabbit Hutch. Hardware cloth is that really sturdy wire mesh that costs more than you would think. It's great for animal housing, especially rabbits. I looked at it at Home Depot recently and decided I wouldn't pay for it, that I would just be patient and let some come to me. And here it is!

The only bad thing about finding two big things early on is that I ran out of room in my van! I had to tie The Igloo to the top of my van and shove The Hutch inside. Then I had to drive around South Austin all morning with an igloo on my car. Which, because this is South Austin, does not garner any strange looks. I even showed up at our preschool's Cinco de Mayo party like this and several people suggested I turn my van into an art car.

In addition to my two big finds I also picked up a few nice 2x4 pieces, some 1" PVC pipe, and several cabinet doors. I don't need the cabinet doors themselves but they had some really nice hardware on them-  brushed nickel pulls and good hinges. Those will come in handy at some point.

I think one of the things we have to do when scavenging materials is to see their potential. Often we don't need something to serve its original purpose but instead it finds new life as something else!


  1. You are my trash-picking-up-hero!

  2. Love that idea of letting stuff come to you. That is SO true. How many times have I forced something and gotten impatient, only to have something show up for free that would've worked?

    I am going to remember that. That's a good one.

    Also - rabbit hutch, yes. Totally yes. Maybe put the wood side on the back, and the door opening down with a hardware cloth side under their feet? They pee a lot and it's stanky and wood is such a lovely little sponge for that sort of grodiness.

    I just used two made up words - stanky and grodiness. All that fancy book larnin' is coming in handy, I see...

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