Friday, June 28, 2013

Scavenging, Chickens, and Garden News

Three more heat treated pallets! Yay!

I did a little bulky trash pickup scavenging last week. I had the kids with me so it was Big Sister's job to peer down all the side streets and tell me if there were any promising piles of treasure. It was a pretty modest score this time. I'm still learning which areas are the best to hit. I have found middle- to upper-middle class suburban neighborhoods to yield the best and most goods. Hip, urban neighborhoods are generally not so good but you can sometimes get lucky.

So last week we got:
several 4x4 lumber pieces
a wooden frame covered in chicken wire
a 5 ft length of wide (5"?) flexible tubing
a Bumbo seat (I'll sell that at the children's resale shop)
a Little Red Wagon
a round plastic seat for a rope swing, nice and sturdy
a steering wheel from a playscape (to be added to our play area)

I also checked the pallet pile at the feed store and got three more heat-treated pallets. The feed store guy even loaded them for me and then told me to take as much loose hay as I wanted. They had a trailer full of hay bales and there was a lot of loose hay at the back of the trailer. So I took a big box of loose hay for the chicken run.

In chicken news, my black hen is taking good care of her ten adopted chicks. They are already growing in some new feathers! Also, we slaughtered four of our eight freebie roosters last weekend. They were about 3.5 lbs live weight and fairly small when butchered. It was just Mr. Chanclas and I doing the work and I could have used another pair of hands to help pluck/pick feathers. I think I might recruit adult help next time.

Rooster headed to slaughter. Hanging them upside down calms them.
The garden news is that my garden is yielding up a very small amount of produce. I've had a pretty unproductive garden and I want to explore why in another post all about gardening.

The harvest from one day this week.


  1. Call me next time you slaughter.

  2. Sucky ass year for my garden too.


    Hey, bulk pick-up in my hood starts this weekend. Come n get it!! I've already seen stuff you might want.

    1. Ooooh! You might see me trolling your 'hood in my dirty van.

  3. I dig the scavenging! We only have one pick up day a year and I always seem to be working that day (it's usually on one of the three days I actually sit in an office!) And I torture myself by spying treasures down all streets on the way to the freeway!

    Yay, you!!

    1. Sounds like you need to take an annual vacation day! Heehee.


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