Monday, June 10, 2013

What The Dog Dragged Home

Please note the lovely ungulate hoof.
My dog brought this home today. I am not sure where she got it but surely we would've noticed the smell from a dead deer on our own property. It would have to be somewhere very close by because my dog is about a million years old and her back legs resemble kick stands. But yesterday she walked up with a large piece of vertebrae, which I didn't think too much about. Then today it was a HOOF. Somehow that caught my attention more. I couldn't bear to throw it away because it is really interesting but it also had a stink on it so I put it out back in the bone cage. If we find cool bones that still have flesh on them we put them in a metal squirrel trap and leave them in the woods until the ants and other insects clean them up. The reason for the cage is so that other animals don't carry them away. It works quite well. I'm almost afraid to think of what she will bring home tomorrow.


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