Thursday, July 11, 2013

An Overdue House Painting Project

We bought this house over two years ago and I have yet to paint any part of it. Not a single wall. But I recently got motivated to paint the hallway bathroom (aka the kids' bathroom) so I went to Home Depot over the 4th of July and bought a ton of Behr paint with the rebate. (There's a $5 rebate on each gallon you buy. Home Depot has that same Behr sale on every national holiday, FYI.)

The Poop Chocolate bathroom. It is too small for me to even take a decent photo of it!
Big Sister and Brother left this morning with their beloved Abuelita and Tía for a 7-day trip. To distract myself from missing them horribly I thought that I would use those seven days to paint every surface in the bathroom. Including the popcorn ceiling. (May the painting goddesses be with me on that last one. I am terrified of the popcorn. I imagine it melting off the ceiling and glopping down on me.) I thought, also, that this would be a good time to do it because when my people get back from their trip my mother- and sister-in-law will be staying here with us for a week. And if I haven't finished painting the bathroom by the time they all get back that means there will be 7 of us using the only other bathroom in the house, which is our master bathroom. I sometimes need a little fire under my rear like that.

The hall bathroom has this great 1960's blue tile around the bathtub. For some reason the previous owner decided that dark chocolate brown walls would look awesome with that blue tile. The kids call the color Poop Chocolate. I have to admit it's pretty accurate. It's a really small bathroom so I can't wait to get some white paint on those walls to open it up. I suspect it will double in size when the white paint goes on. I'll do the little cabinet under the sink in a nice 1960's blue to match that tile.

I already removed all the hardware and put down all the drop cloths so now I'm ready to prep the ceiling. Here I go...


  1. Replies
    1. I just finished the ceiling. It looks great. Whew.

    2. Did you scrape the whole ceiling?

    3. When you finish your work, I'm going to need a lesson on removing popcorn. We have it still in some of our bedrooms and am dying to have it gone... but i've been waiting to hire someone. maybe i could do it myself, with your assistance...

  2. So jealous! I have lived here 2 years also, and haven't painted one single wall either. And 100% of our walls need to be repainted. So, yeah. I wish you well and look forward to the after pictures!

    1. I always, always drag my feet about starting a painting job. Sometimes for years. And then when I get started I remember that I actually *like* painting. Doh.

  3. That is going to look great with white walls and blue cabinet!

  4. I would recommend removing the popcorn ceiling before painting it to update the look of your bathroom, but I'm sure either way you will make it look great!


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