Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bathroom Before & After Photos

Whew. I just finished the bathroom paint job. Yes, it took me 7 days. But I still have two hours to spare before I leave to pick up Big Sister, Brother, my mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law at the airport!

It's hard to photograph the bathroom because it is small and I can't zoom out far enough to show the whole room. So please excuse my substandard photos. Here is how it turned out:

I painted the under-sink cabinet to match the tile around the tub.

1960's bath tile and Saltillo tile are an odd mix but I think I like it.

Felted wool wall hanging courtesy of Little Sister

Watercolor also courtesy of Little Sister

And here are a few of the "before" shots. It was so BROWN.

Brown, brown, and more brown.
The previous owner didn't bother to paint OR texture the old wood paneling behind the toilet.

The unpainted area behind the toilet was visible when we installed a low-flow toilet.
More brown.


  1. Looks so nice! I love the color and I think the tiling really works!

  2. You are my idol! Nice work!

  3. SO much more relaxing of a water closet. Blue and white are always winners and I actually really like the tiles together, too!

    Painting done. Now go have a mojito. It's summer, for cryin' out loud. (Well, maybe after you drive your entire family back from the airport. Responsibility and all.)


  4. Thanks you guys. I'm loving it. The kids liked it, too. I'm going to start calling it the water closet.

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