Monday, July 8, 2013

Chicken Soup From an Old Rooster

Floyd the rooster
I made Floyd soup. Floyd was our mean old Ameraucana rooster that attacked me one too many times. He was a deeply unpleasant bird, but let me tell you: he made excellent chicken soup. I'm talking about the best chicken soup I've ever eaten. We slaughtered him several weeks ago and then put the meat in the freezer. Last week I thawed the meat and put all the pieces in a big stock pot, covered them with water, and simmered it slowly for about 24 hours. I didn't add anything else to the pot- no onions, carrots, or salt. After the long simmer I poured the resulting broth through a strainer into large canning jars. Then I put the jars in an ice water bath to cool them off quickly before moving moving them to the freezer. Yesterday I thawed two jars of broth and used them to make a simple soup with leftover vegetables from the fridge and diced bits of the chicken meat. It turned out delicious and I got to use a handful of green beans from my garden. (It's been a very paltry harvest this year.) I thought the meat might be really tough or stringy but it wasn't. The meat itself is a bit overcooked because I simmered it so long but it still has a great flavor and the big star of the meal is the broth. I was pleased that all it takes to make great chicken broth is a homegrown chicken. I didn't even need the help of an onion or some celery and carrot.

Chicken and vegetable soup


  1. Yes! Yes, yes yes! Best chicken stock I EVER HAD came from my Most Labor Intensive Hen in Human History. Dark and rich and full and thick - the stuff of dreams, really.

    I made hot and sour soup out of it (recipe on my website) which was slap yo' mama good and then saved the rest to boil all sorts of different types of grains in...

    So - I stock pot simmer it for 48 hours, strain and put into plastic before putting it in the freezer. Any trouble with the stock expanding in your glass jars?


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