Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Eating Homegrown Chicken: The Unfamiliar Parts

Little Sister figuring out how to eat a chicken foot
In the past when we have butchered chickens I have always thrown out the chickens' feet and comb. This time we saved them and I stewed them along with the liver and the necks. Even if nobody wants to eat the feet they are a great addition to the stock pot. They eat chicken feet a lot in Mexico but I don't think I've ever seen them here. My sister-in-law likes the comb fried but I just stewed it along with the other parts this time and she said it was still really tasty. I wasn't sure what the kids would think of the feet. All of the other parts just look like meat but a chicken's foot just looks like a foot. Or a hand. (Mr. Chanclas' aunt served chicken feet to her grandchildren once and they said, "We wanted feet! Not HANDS!")

Big Sister was definitely grossed out by the feet but kept her mouth shut. Little Sister was the first to ask for one and she started in on it like she would a drumstick or a wing. She liked it. Then Brother scarfed down two feet and tried the comb and liver, too. He liked the comb and liver but he loved the feet. I love my little barbarian.

Brother with his first foot

All done! Delicious.
My friend Erin who helped us with the butchering took home a chicken and made chicken soup. She said the stock was amazing and the meat was really good, too. She made pate with the chicken livers and declared them excellent. I'm definitely going to make pate with mine next time.


  1. Karen,I really enjoyed reading this.I shared it with my kids and plan to bring it up whenever they complain about eating Kale. I'm already preparing my response..."it could be chicken's feet." Kidding aside, this is an excellent reminder to look for ways to consume more mindfully and with appreciation.

    1. Haha! I love kale. And I have to admit I much prefer it to chicken feet.

  2. I just commented and then think I erased it. So if this shows up twice, just delete one!

    I LOVED this post. You are awesome.

    You should read "Gulp" by Mary Roach (my all time favorite science writer) - she explores the human digestive system and the chapter I'm on right now talks about organ meat and offal and how other countries eat. Take home message? Your splendid kiddos eating feet is a very international way to eat. You're very global, as it were. And there are more fabulous nutrients in a chicken foot than the whole of a breast.


    1. Oh, cool, I'm going to look for that book. My friend Erin has been recommending Mary Roach to me. She read Stiff and another one, too, I think.


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