Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hidden Eggs

Are those eggs in Little Sister's bike seat?
I have been letting my layer flock out of their run a lot lately so they can free-range around the yard. They love to wander about in search of their own food. Sometimes the whole flock comes up to the front door or spends a while in the carport. Like most carports, ours is full of stuff. Bicycles, strollers, a weight bench, scavenged plywood, garden tools, etc. Back before we built our chicken coop our banty hens used to lay eggs in the jogging stroller out there, which was very convenient for me because I would see them right away. The jogging stroller is currently occupied by an old ceiling fan so my free ranging banties had to find new laying digs. Lately I've been hearing them announce their eggs in the carport but every time I went out there to check I couldn't find any eggs. I thought I had looked everywhere but this weekend I noticed something odd about the toddler bike seat.

Upon closer inspection, there were quite a few eggs, most of them broken.
Oops. What a mess. I sure do hate to waste eggs. So that means I'm going to keep those ladies in their run for a while so I can be sure to get all of the eggs.

In case you ever need to know, this is how you remove a pile of rotten eggs. Carefully. With eye protection. A face shield is preferable. Maybe even a full-body jumpsuit. 


  1. Replies
    1. Yes. There is NOTHING on earth more rotten than a rotten egg.

  2. Yeah, that's a downer about free-ranging birds. Our dogs have been getting most of the eggs lately, though my husband did uncover an enormous cache (about 16 eggs) in a clump of weeds under the clothesline when he was using the trimmer. The float test revealed that all of them were just fine. This made me very, very happy, because all of a sudden I was 16 free-range eggs richer. Whee.

    1. That's a nice cache! I think my neighbor's weiner dog used to eat my banty hens' eggs. It's good dog nutrition, too.

  3. Bong water is worse.

    Karen, were they broken?

    I am going to admit that I find caches here and there and we still eat them. Days later. EEK.

    LOVE this spot they picked though!


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