Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Eating Grasshoppers

A bag of roasted grasshopper with chile.

When I was in the fourth grade I remember studying the Karakawa Indians and learning that they ate insects such as grasshoppers. My ten-year old mind couldn't really fathom why someone would want to do that. It's interesting that my own ten-year old daughter doesn't think it's such a big deal. Why wouldn't we eat grasshoppers? They're an abundant and inexpensive source of protein. And they make great bar food!

I haven't seen any roasted grasshoppers for sale in the U.S. but they are still common in Mexico. I bought some from a street vendor outside the bank in Coatzacoalcos a couple of weeks ago. They were roasted and sprinkled with chile powder. The vendor had an enormous bag of them and I was trying to figure out how you harvest that many grasshoppers at once. He said they come from the corn fields (of which there are MANY in Mexico) but I forgot to ask how exactly they trap them. I'm curious about that.

Two sizes of edible grasshoppers. I much prefer the small ones. The larger ones are softer, which I find gross.

Little Sister ran over to sample the 'hoppers. She ate a few and deemed them 'okay' and then she was done.


Bless my adventurous eaters! I hope they will always have such open minds about food. We tend to limit ourselves too much to our own culture's ideas of what constitutes "food".


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