Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How To Make a Bike Rack From An Old Pallet

Check out my low-budget bike rack.
Why do they never put kickstands on kids' bikes anymore? Because our bikes don't have kickstands I have a big metal tangle of bicycles in my carport. The little kids are sometimes even unable to extract their own bikes. Today I was cleaning up our workshop and carport and decided to rearrange the bikes. I needed a way to make them all stand up so I grabbed a wooden pallet from the materials yard. I picked out a pallet that had 2-3" gaps between the wooden slats on one side. (Some pallets have only very tiny gaps between slats.) I threw the pallet on the carport floor and then parked the bikes on it, placing one or both bike tires between the pallet slats. I was able to fit all three of our kid bikes on the pallet and probably could fit a fourth if I had one.

Ready to roll.
It's not fancy and it's not pretty but it solved my problem quickly and cheaply. Hooray for improvised solutions! Hooray for not buying more stuff!

It looks like it will be a good solution for us but if it doesn't work out I can just throw the pallet back out in the materials yard (read: junk heap) and use it for something else later. 


  1. Great idea! I know someone who could use this! We used hooks in an old park sign that says, "No Gas For 50 Miles".

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