Friday, August 23, 2013

What To Make With Old Chicken Feed Bags?

I have a lot of chickens. Which means I buy a lot of chicken feed. Which means I end up with a lot of chicken feed bags. Some chicken feed bags are paper, which is easily composted, but many are plastic and so I have saved them. I couldn't throw them in the recycling bin and they just seemed too sturdy to throw away (not to mention wasteful). So now I have a pile like this:

They are kinda pretty, aren't they? I don't have anything special to say about Purina (I'd rather be buying organic) but I can say they make pretty, brightly-colored feed bags. I'm looking for ideas on how to repurpose them. I think I might be able to sew that material on my sewing machine so I might try making some sturdy market bags with them. (Because the material is a bit slippery I would probably have to put masking tape where the seam goes, sew over the masking tape, and then tear the masking tape off after the seam is in.)

I've also heard of people growing potatoes in old feed bags. (Much like my tater tire experiment.) A few months ago I used feed bags to bring home a bunch of horse manure for the garden. I plan to always keep a few bags on hand for impromptu needs like that, but I'm really looking for a good use for all the other bags. Any suggestions?


  1. There's a woman here in town that makes big shopping bags out of them and sells them for $10 each!

    1. Maybe I'll do some for Christmas presents this year!

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  2. So I kept a bunch of my plastic soil bags (my feed bags are paper and are forever doing me the favor of smothering unwanted weeds...) and I used them as temporary mini greenhouses for just starting tomatoes and peppers.

    Also, I have used them for trash bags in the house - put them in wastebaskets, fill with all of the unmentionables, discard and cringe, lather, rinse, repeat.

    Finally, I just visited THE most kick ass nursery in the world and they were growing tomatoes right out of used plastic bags - slits cut in the bottom and a couple of punctures on the sides, filled with soil, stood up, and planted with tomatoes.

    1. Hmmm, I like the idea. Maybe some taters in there, too!

  3. i have sewn with them and they're great in the machine. Make lunch bags and the like. In fact in our book, Make Stuff Together, we utilize these in a couple of projects. But I too have a giant pile of them!

    1. I love your book and I can't believe I didn't remember seeing that project. I'll have to check it out at the library again. I like the lunch bags idea a lot.

  4. I have a lot of chickens. Which means I buy a lot of chicken feed. Which means I end up with a lot of chicken feed bags. printed carrier bags

  5. I saw somewhere and I don't remember what site it was,But it was someone's Blog.Anyways she made garden aprons.with pockets in front along bottom .To put seed in or to gather harvest from garden.I remember what they looked like.So I plan on making a couple.And love the shopping bag ideal.Will make a few of those.Thanks Karen love the blog.And all your great ideals.I grew up on the comment of "Waste not Want not".Which I hate things are packed in throw away package for people now.I can remember the day when packaging had another use.Pillow Case flour sacks.telling my age.


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