Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cleaning Up With Homemade Cleaners

This is really all you need to clean your house.
I can't figure out how corporations can make millions (billions?) of dollars a year on household cleaners. Most of them are completely unnecessary. You can clean your whole house really well with a few simple ingredients: baking soda, vinegar, liquid castile soap (like Dr. Bronner's brand ), and club soda.

I came across the book Clean House Clean Planet (by Karen Logan) in the public library in 1999 and I've been making a lot of my own cleaners ever since. I'm just going to give you the three basic recipes I use most but the book has dozens of different recipes and tips if you have more specific needs. I really don't get stoked about cleaning house so I just keep it simple! Logan also gives each recipe an effectiveness rating and a price comparison with the commercial brand.

1) Alice's Wonder Spray
This is an all-purpose household cleaner spray. Logan's version calls for a teaspoonful of borax, which is a mildly toxic white powder with antiseptic properties. I've found that the spray works just as well without the borax and, if I leave the borax out, my kids can use it safely. Logan also likes to add essential oil for fragrance but the Dr. Bronner's soap already has fragrance so I omit the essential oils. Here is my modified recipe:
Ingredients: liquid soap (Dr. Bronner's brand- you pick your favorite scent), white distilled vinegar, and purified water
Container: a clean 16-oz or larger spray bottle (I really like the 32oz industrial ones from Home Depot)
How to Make: Add 2 Tbsp vinegar so spray bottle. Then add 16 ounces filtered water. Shake gently to mix. Then add 1/4 cup liquid soap and shake gently.
My Notes: My favorite Dr. Bronner's soap for this recipe is the peppermint. I recently bought the new citrus orange scent and I find it a little irritating to my nose. The peppermint just smells clean and fresh. For the spray bottle I really like the industrial type ones found at Home Depot. They last a lot longer than the cheapies you find in the beauty section at the supermarket or Target and they don't clog as easily. (Plus, they are only 96 cents!)
Go for the big sprayer in the middle.

2) Earth Scrub Tub and Tile Cleaner
This is a thick, mildly abrasive cleaner that works great on bathtubs, toilets, floors, and any other surface that needs a good scrubbing. I once used it on the linoleum floor in my ancient first apartment and found that the linoleum was (surprise!) white and not brown.
Ingredients: baking soda, liquid soap (Dr. Bronner's), white distilled vinegar, and water
Container: a 16oz or larger squeeze container (an old shampoo bottle would work fine)

A good squeezy container for the Earth Scrub.
How to Make: Mix 1 2/3 cup baking soda with 1/2 cup liquid soap in a bowl. Dilute with 1/2 cup water. Add 2 Tbsp vinegar last. Stir until smooth and then pour into the container. If it is too thick to pour, add a bit more water.
Baking soda and liquid soap mixture
My Notes: If you leave the top open the scrub will get dried out and won't flow easily. No big deal. Just open the lid, add a little water, close the lid, and shake well. You're good to go. I prefer to use this scrub with a nylon-backed sponge like the Dobie sponge. Those sponges are nonabrasive so they won't scratch your tub or other surfaces.

3) Club Clean Glass Cleaner
A completely harmless, effective glass cleaner.
Ingredients: club soda
Container: spray bottle, any size
How to Make: Fill your spray bottle with club soda.
How to Use: Spray and wipe. The reason club soda works is because it contains sodium citrate, which softens the water and helps to clean. Make sure you wipe with a lint-free rag if that matters to you.
My Notes: This stuff works well, costs pennies, and is awesome for toddlers and kids who want to help clean windows. My kids have spent hours with a rag and a spray bottle of this stuff cleaning windows (and walls and tables and the floor and the cat....)

So there you go- my workhorse cleaner recipes. If you have to clean house you can at least not poison yourself in the process, right? 


  1. YES!!!

    Thank you so much for this. I was looking for new recipes to try for home cleaning, as the ones I was using are not quite up to snuff. Laundry I got covered. Cleaning windows? Still using windex for lack of something better. Have never even thought of club soda.

    Boom. Making Shift Nailed It.

    I'm gonna rent that book, too. Radness.

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