Thursday, September 5, 2013

Coming Up on Making Shift

Adventure Playground

There are still several topics I want to write about here on Making Shift but that I haven't gotten to yet. Some are new interests that I am just beginning to explore and some are things I've done for years. A few of the topics you can expect to read about in the upcoming months are:

Sewing & Knitting
Cooking & Baking (especially Paleo-friendly food)
More Vegetable Gardening (the spring garden was a real bust)
Growing Fruit
Creating Community (and then growing it)
Adventure Playgrounds
Regift/Recycle/Homemade Holidays
Meaningful Work (for kids and adults)
Adapting in Place (as defined by Sharon Astyk)
Essentials of the Makeshift Household
Rainwater Harvesting
Making Homemade Soap
Raising Rabbits for Meat

Creating Community
Regift/Recycle/Homemade Holidays
The school year just started anew here in Austin last week so I am looking forward to having a little bit more kid-free time to write and work on projects. Right now I have so many projects in mind that I don't know where to start! That's an exciting position to be in. Many of my projects are inspired by my interest in permaculture. I have been devouring Peter Bane's book The Permaculture Handbook: Garden Farming for Town and Country, which I think is the absolute best place to begin reading about permaculture. He does an excellent job of presenting the principles of permaculture as well as detailing specific projects. 

If anyone has a topic in mind that they think would fit in here, let me know! I'm open to new ideas.
More  Vegetable Gardening
Meaningful Work


  1. Yay! I've missed you - glad to hear you're planning more here.

    1. Thanks! I was disappointed at how few posts I was able to write over the summer, but that is just the nature of this life, you know? I feel like I've barely scratched the surface here so I still have a ton of stuff I'd like to write about. Brace yourselves...

  2. Love the addition of "meaningful work". This is intriguing to me. Definitely write more about that. We should start a meaningful work blog hop. There aren't enough posts about that, I think.

    My blog is back up, now. See you there!


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