Sunday, September 8, 2013

No-Budget Ice

No, it's not a lot of frozen yogurt! It's no-budget ice.
I like things that are so low-budget that they are actually no-budget. We are planning to slaughter a couple of obnoxious roosters this week and I need some ice water for chilling the carcasses after they are all butchered. I don't like to buy ice because it seems silly to pay for frozen water, you know? I don't have an ice maker in my refrigerator, either, and I only have four ice cube trays. So last night I got out a few old yogurt tubs, filled them water, put the lids on them, and popped them in the freezer. I made Gigantic Homemade Ice Cubes. For this particular application (chilling chickens) I think I'll just use them whole in a cooler full of water. If I needed smaller pieces I could just put the giant cubes (okay, cylinders) in a plastic bag and hit them with a hammer. 

There now, wasn't that easy?


  1. Easy peasy! For travel, we freeze gallons of water to keep the food cold and then we can drink them if the water doesn't taste good where ever we are.

  2. Yay! We do the same for ice for our cooler. They stay cold longer and it contains the water so everything doesn't get all wet as it melts. :)

  3. What a wonderful idea! I end up buying ice blocks when we go camping, but after reading this post, I am silly! So glad to have stumbled upon you!

    1. Thanks, JK. I'm glad you're here! I've bought big blocks of ice in Mexico before but never here. I take it they sell blocks in the U.S., too?


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