Thursday, October 24, 2013

No Goats Today

So I guess this isn't going to happen:

Mr. Chanclas' Volvo with a goat on top of it
By the time I contacted the owner of the free goats they were already gone. Which shows that it is entirely possible to get rid of two dozen goats in under two and a half hours. Impressive. And that is exactly why I have given up on the Austin Craigslist "free" listings. That stuff moves fast. And in case you were wondering, I wasn't going to take all 24 goats. I just wanted two. Although, now that I think of it, I would have been smart to take all 24 and then sell off 22 of them for $100 apiece. I suppose I could have kept 24 goats in the dog run for a few days, although that would have meant the end of my fig tree, the sage bush, and everything else within nibbling range.

I suppose I should be relieved since I had decided not to keep goats for the time being. But those damn free ads are so seductive!

And I really do think Mr. Chanclas' Volvo looks perfect with a goat standing on it.


  1. Yes, exactly what that car needs: goat hoof prints all over the hood and roof! :)

  2. I think we both know it would blend right in with any hail damage.


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