Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Fall Garden: 2013

It's official. My fall garden is fully installed and growing. I went all out this time. My spring garden, which was my first gardening attempt at this location, was a total flop. It started out okay but quickly went to hell in a garden basket. So a few weeks ago I went to The Natural Gardener and quizzed the nice ladies there about why my garden had sucked so badly. My plants had been yellow and stunted and some of them overly leggy. They thought I probably needed some more nitrogen as well as a big load of compost. So I had two cubic yards of turkey poop compost delivered and also bought a bag of organic fertilizer and a bottle of liquid seaweed.
Compost ready to be moved into the garden beds
It felt outrageously decadent since I've always just made do with the soil I have and the materials on hand. But I was just tired of working so hard and getting such paltry returns in my Texas gardens. I need to build up the soil so that it can provide for us. In addition to spreading at least 3 inches of compost in all of my veggie beds, I turned my giant upper bed into two separate beds with a path down the middle. Now I don't have to walk through the bed, which compacts the soil and disturbs the plants.

BEFORE: The upper bed last spring

AFTER: The upper bed converted into two long beds
I dug out the pathway, lined the sides with bricks I scavenged out of the trash, and lined the floor with paper chicken feed bags and scraps of cardboard. I may throw some mulch down on top of the path at some point. I even have some gravel piled up in the materials yard that I could use here.

New garden path made with scavenged materials
After I got all the beds ready I planted about a dozen seedlings and several packets of seeds. I had a really sweet and enthusiastic helper.

Little Sister reigns at the garden shed

Next time I'll share some photos of the growing vegetables. We had 10-12 inches of rain fall OVERNIGHT on Saturday night but my garden weathered it well.


  1. That sounds great. Keep checking to make sure your seeds didn't float to the top. It's going to be so yummy.

  2. Oh! The top bed looks so good with that rock and brick!

    Your ramping up and we are ramping down. Good. I get to rest and live vicariously through your garden for a bit.

  3. Congrats on the garden and on the rain! We only got a couple of inches total, including last night. But my garden is happy. I planted some blackberry bushes, too. Hopefully the deer will stay away or our guard dog will do her job!

    1. Ooh, I want to hear about how those blackberry bushes turn out. I want some. My neighbor feeds the deer so maybe they'll stay over there with her. Wishful thinking.

  4. It looks great! What all did you plant?

  5. Your first gardening attempt looks good! I think your garden is better at this time, I hope to see the post to show its status! It seems like you use a fertilizer spreader for lawn ? I see the red and green ones in the distance. :)


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