Saturday, October 12, 2013

What Goes Around Comes Around in the Compost Pile

My compost pile is constantly reminding me that this earth is a closed loop system. Our garbage is never really gone; it just goes somewhere else. Sometimes it doesn't go very far and it doesn't hurt anything in the process, as is the case with the vegetable peelings that break down in my compost pile. But I'm always finding things in my compost pile that didn't break down, notably the plastic liner inside my paper tea bags (all those years of chai and I never knew) and those annoying plastic stickers that are found on all supermarket produce. Those things never go away. They aren't meant to be composted in the first place but they sneak their way in there.

A giant pile of horse poop five months later

Today I used up all of that great horse poop compost that I started back in May. It was nicely finished and no longer hot. I read that if horses eat grass contaminated with herbicide and then you use their poop as compost in your veggie garden you can risk poisoning your garden for a long time to come. So I got nervous about the horse manure compost and decided to spread it around our four crape myrtle trees instead of the vegetable garden. I don't usually pay the ornamental plants a bit of attention around here so those trees got lucky.
Look at that beautiful ring of compost around that tree!


  1. Those crape myrtles are some pretty, pretty trees lady!
    I get all freaked out about the manure thing, too. Especially horse or cow. Plus. sometimes the weed seed doesn't get cooked enough to kill it by composting, so it springs forth weeds like crazy later on. Yours looked good and ready, though, so the trees will get a nice little treat.

    1. I'm curious to see if I get a huge crop of weeds around the crape myrtles. It's like a science experiment.


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