Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Getting the Goat Feeder

Oh, the lengths I will go to for free stuff. It is ridiculous. I already mentioned the free goat feeder I found on Craigslist. I finally picked it up on Sunday after eights days of figuring out how to get it from Fitzhugh Road to my house (about 8 miles away).  The guy giving them away had four of them and they were very sturdy, very heavy, and very large. I picked out the smallest one but even that one was far too tall to fit in the back of my minivan. Fortunately for me the guy offering them was also very nice. He wasn't in a big hurry and yes, I could also have the two 5' x 16' cattle panels over there, too. (Score!) Mr. Chanclas and I were going to rent a pickup on the cheap from Home Depot but then we found out the nearest store doesn't rent pickups like all the others. Sigh. I wasn't about to spend $70 on a moving van for a free goat feeder (which, at that point, would no longer be free).

So on Sunday I rounded up our friend Oscar who works as a carpenter and has a pickup truck. Only I forgot that he has a cap on the bed of his truck. And it took six guys to get the cap on there in the first place. There would be no removing the cap. We drove out to the place anyway and the goat feeder wouldn't fit. I was ready to call it quits on the whole thing but Oscar pulled out his phone and had a trailer lined up within minutes. We drove all the way across town to borrow an enormous 16-foot long trailer, then all the way back to the goat feeder. Little Sister informed us at least a dozen times that she was ready to go home. Then she fell asleep in the truck. The very nice man helped us load it up and I gave him a little paper bag of homemade soaps in thanks. He was pretty psyched about the soaps which made me feel slightly less bad about bothering him with two failed attempts at loading the goat feeder. Geez, by the time all this was done I felt like he was a family friend. I think I have spoken with him more on the phone this month than I have with my own mother. (Creating community!)

Oscar and I unloaded the feeder at my house. I have to admit that I was in complete and total awe at Oscar's ability to back up a 16-foot trailer up in my curving, rutted, sloping driveway IN THE DARK. Without running over my piles of materials, the flowerbeds, or either of my cats. Unbelievable. (Don't even ask me about the time Mr. Chanclas and I rented a moving truck and trailer.)

By this time I was an hour late to pick up my other kids. I was also starving because the only thing I had eaten since breakfast was one truck-stop taco on the way home from Houston five hours prior. (We did all this after rolling into town from a night in Houston with my sweet sister, brother in law, niece, and nephew.) Little Sister was sleepy and hungry and tired of wearing underpants. (Never a good sign.) We rallied as best we could and went to pick up Brother and Big Sister. I think at that point we ate something old from the fridge and fell into bed. Whew.

But the goat feeder is here and yesterday I went to see the actual goats. They are adorable and healthy as can be. I will be picking them up next Monday and we will have to bottle feed them for a few more weeks while they grow. (They are about 5 weeks old right now.) I have never bottle fed anything including my own children so this will be new. I can't wait!

Our computer died this weekend (oh joy) so I am unable to upload a photo of the famed goat feeder. I will post one soon when my computing capabilities return!


  1. I can't wait to see the goats! Oscar is the man!!

  2. Yes. The lengths we go to with our CL finds.
    Been there, dude. I'm right with you. I once had the same type of endeavor with a $20 stand up freezer. The guy was so nice he finally decided to DELIVER it to me. I was floored. I made and brought him cookies.
    I can't wait to see these goats! And this goat feeder! I will live vicariously through you and your miniature goat herd!
    This is so exciting.


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