Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Annual Thrifting Pilgrimage: The Settlement Home Garage Sale

I spent the weekend at The Settlement Home Garage Sale, an enormous benefit sale held at the Palmer Event Center here in Austin. It's three days of thrifters' paradise. On Friday you pay $5 to get in but Saturday and Sunday have no cover charge. On Sunday morning everything is half price and on Sunday afternoon they hold the (in)famous box sale. You pay $5 for a small box or $8 for a big box and you can fill it with whatever you want. The box sale is how they clear out the last of the merchandise and after one hour the event center is empty except for the trash on the floor.

I paid a total of EIGHT DOLLARS for everything in this photo. Eight dollars. For all of it.

The contents of my $8 box

I got baskets for organizing toys, bags and backpacks, clothes, books, two tents, cycling shoes, a bike helmet, flippers, hats, dishes, clothes hangers, napkins, rubber boots, flashlights, and a stove pipe. For eight dollars. Don't ask about the stove pipe. I just thought a metal cylinder might be useful to have in my materials yard! One of the bags turned out to be a pretty fancy Lowepro camera bag.

Assorted books for our home collection

I got tea sets, camping cups, a roasting pan, and more.

I am always needing more flashlights so I stocked up.

Assorted cloth napkins

Tents, cycling shoes, roller blades, bike helmet, flippers, boogie board, etc.

One of the best parts about the weekend is that my mom joined me for the Sunday sale, including the box sale. We filled our boxes to the brim and then we were barely able to drag them outside to the car. My mom's craziest box addition was a bag of seventeen (!!) duck decoys. I have no idea what she will do with seventeen plastic ducks but I'm sure my mom will come up with something creative.

I had also gone to the sale on Friday and picked up some other great things, many of them homestead-related.

Animal harness (goats?), grooming mitt, chicken/rabbit feeders, and a scrub brush

A beautiful white crock for making sauerkraut and a little pitcher for holding milk (goats, again)

I plan to use these crocks for holding homemade butter (small ones) and cream (big ones)

A meat grinder!! For $4.50 I got an excellent cast iron meat grinder. Homemade sausage, folks!
In addition to buying a bunch of books for the kids (and us adults), I also picked up a dozen maps for 12 cents apiece. I love looking at maps and so do the kids. I started by putting three up on the living room wall for them to peruse. I plan to change them out for new ones every now and then. The current three are: a road map of Texas, a bike map of Austin, and a National Geographic map of Japan.

The new map corner
 I'm already looking forward to next year's sale!


  1. The obvious winner is the 4.50 meat grinder.
    And YES to sausage. Yes all over it.

    I LOVE hanging maps up in the house! And pictures of bugs, trees, woodland creatures or whatever the latest office installment of National Geographic can offer (I take home the old ones and the Tot and I look through the pictures and talk about them.)

    We do not have something like this near me but if we did I would be all over it like a hobo on a ham sandwich.

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