Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Creating a Resource Inventory for Your Homestead

I wrote an article for this month's edition of From Scratch, an online homesteading magazine. My article is about creating a resource inventory for your homestead. Here is a snippet:
"What exactly is a resource inventory? A resource inventory is merely a more or less organized accumulation of salvaged materials intended for some future use. Useful materials for homestead use include: food-quality containers, gardening containers, wire, bricks, stones, gravel, screens, lumber, plywood, pipes, wood pallets, tires, and large sheets of cardboard"
Just click on the image above to read the whole article and see why you need a resource inventory, too. (It's the Dec/Jan edition, page 86.) 


  1. I've just bought an old house on 5 acres that comes with an amazing bounty of materials -- telephone poles, saltillo floor tiles, old tools, a huge variety of fence -- and I've been feeling slightly overwhelmed by it all. Your post has encouraged me to inventory it. Thank you!


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