Monday, December 9, 2013

Pickled Okra

I have been secretly hoarding these okra pickles in the back of the pantry since July. My aunt and uncle made them with okra from their own garden and gave them to us at our family reunion. Since they were freshly made at the time of the reunion my uncle told me not to open them for at least two weeks to give them time to finish pickling. I knew from my small amount of pickling experience that they would be even better if I waited longer so I hoarded them in secret. 

On Sunday I was craving something sour so I finally opened the precious okra pickles. Lordy, they were so good. Firm, medium-large okra pods stuffed in there with garlic, a jalapeno pepper, dill, and the salty vinegar. Little Sister and Brother wandered through the kitchen so I plied them with "pickles", omitting the part about them being okra. Little Sister must have eaten at least five. Brother ate two and then changed his mind about them. Mr. Chanclas was an immediate fan. 

I am picky about how I like to eat okra because of the slime factor. They can be mucilaginous when boiled so I never boil them. (I do love me a good gumbo, though, so I make exceptions.) Fried is traditional and wonderful but sliced and roasted in a hot oven makes them dry and crunchy, too. I think that pickled they are best of all. Crunchy and tangy and the perfect size for the jar!

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  1. I LOVE pickled okra! Think they would share the recipe?


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