Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Everyone Needs a Clothesline: From Scratch Magazine

Last year I wrote a blog post about how to hang a clothesline. Hanging a clothesline sounds like such a simple thing to do that you might wonder why it requires any instructions. But there are many terrible clotheslines out there (rusty ones, saggy ones, etc) and if your clothesline sucks you're probably less likely to use it. For the spring issue of From Scratch magazine I expanded on my clothesline tricks in an article called "Everyone Needs a Clothesline". Please check it out- it's on page 94 of the Feb/March 2014 issue.

From Scratch is a free, online-only magazine for the modern homesteader. It just celebrated its first anniversary and was started by a husband and wife team out of North Carolina. I've really enjoyed reading the back issues and watching the magazine grow.

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