Tuesday, February 25, 2014

More Scavenged Goodness: A Mid-Century Bed Frame & More

All of the items you see pictured in this post were scavenged in about two and a half hours on Monday morning. Little Sister and I made two trips with the minivan and we scored big. I can't help but think: if we are throwing stuff like this in the trash then we are doing something wrong as a society. There. I said it. I will let the photos speak for themselves.

Brother is going to get this full-sized mid-century bed

I need to make two minor repairs to the bed, including replacing a small strip of wood here (in the light spot) to hold up the slats. I also scavenged a piece of wood that will work just fine.
I found this Malm bedside table that matches our Ikea bedroom set. Big Sister is claiming it for her room.

I found a fully functional, not rusted bicycle that retails for $120. I will probably sell it since we don't need any more adult bikes. I also got three plastic Adirondack chairs to go around the fire pit. I hate plastic chairs but I have yet to find good wooden ones in the trash!

I found this "Pet Porter" (can you say "Goat Porter"?) in perfect but very dusty condition. It smells like someone's terrier spent 30 years smoking Pall Malls inside it but I think a good washing and airing-out will take care of that.

I also found a full-length folding table in great condition. Other than a couple of scratches on the top it is like new. If I don't keep this for potlucks and such I'll donate it to Little Sister's preschool.

This is the second homemade go-kart that I've found curbside. The great thing about these is that they have good-quality inflatable tires that make great wheels for chicken tractors (which are heavy and awkward to move). The kitchen cabinet on the right is in excellent condition. I may use it in the utility room or I might pass it along.

Excellent hardwire cloth for use in rabbit cages. This stuff is pretty expensive new.
Five long concrete blocks (raised garden beds?), a dishwasher utensil holder (mine sucks), 3 PVC pipes, an old Coca Cola tray (great for garden use), and a very clean Ozarka carboy for storing water (emergency preparedness!)

Lumber. I always find lots of good lumber. I even found 3 of the 4 posts I need for redoing our chicken run. This selection includes two by fours, one by fours, two by sixes, treated posts, and some smaller pieces.

Scavenge on, my friends.


  1. I always think, especially in Austin, that maybe the people are putting it out knowing someone will come pick up the stuff they don't need/want anymore and this cuts out the thrift store middle man.

  2. I hope Danielle Corrick is right, because I am kind of appalled that this much goes into the TRASH. If you don't want it anymore, DONATE it for the love of pete. People like me (with no bulk trash pickup) can buy it at thrift stores!!!! Nonetheless, I am pleased about your finds, ladyfriend.

  3. Wow. Amazing. I do think people put things out hoping they will get picked up. In NYC, there's a really great culture of that and we picked up lots of things that way. We have a great easel for the kids that was retrieved that way. But your finds are amazing!

  4. That, my friend is an impressive haul. I look at that lumber and drool.

  5. I think a lot of people DO assume that someone will pick their quality stuff off the curb before the truck comes by. It take the trucks one week to cover the whole area that is receiving bulky trash pickup that week. But what happens to the good stuff that gets picked up by the trucks on Monday morning? I am sure lots of great stuff goes to the dump before it can be scavenged. I'm certainly not the only one out there scavenging. I usually see 2-3 pickup trucks pulling trailers making the rounds. Their trailers are usually piled high with all manner of things.

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