Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Old School Joe: Percolator Coffee

I love coffee. It's really my only vice. (Unless you count poultry and goat ownership as a vice, which I sometimes do.)

I also really love old things. Which explains why my house and belongings look the way they do. Mr. Chanclas also loves old things. This is his favorite old thing (not counting his wife):

Mr. Chanclas and his 1968 Volkswagen Squareback
I just love to imagine the back story of all of my old things. Old stuff has a story to tell and it's often well-made. (If it weren't it wouldn't still be around, would it?) I just inherited this wonderful Corning Ware electric coffee percolator. Isn't it pretty? I'm drinking my first cup of coffee from it and I have to admit that it's a little bit burnt but it would be perfect for camping. It does require electricity but most camping spaces have an electrical outlet and I'm not against using it.

Coffee percolators were invented in the early 1800's and were very popular until the early 1970's when automatic drip coffee makers came out. The nice thing about a percolator is that it doesn't require a paper filter. Some, like this electric one, have their own heat source, but others are for stovetop use.

Does anybody else have a sweet spot for percolated coffee? I'm going to keep using mine and see if I can perfect my method.