Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Scavenged Wonders Never Cease

Is there no limit to what one can scavenge from the trash?

This is the question I am asking myself this week. It was bulky trash pickup in southwest Austin this week and I am astonished at what good stuff I found. Check this out:

I found a WORKING, gas-powered weed eater (Echo brand) and a WORKING, gas-powered Ryobi leaf-blower with several attachments.They even had gas in them. My first thought when I saw them on the curb was, "They must be broken." But there was something about the way they were carefully laid out that made me think maybe they weren't. So into the van they went and I brought them home. Mr. Chanclas rolled his eyes when I unloaded them but then I pulled the ripcord on the leaf blower and proceeded to blow all the leaves off of our enormous patio while he watched in wonder. It takes me over an hour to sweep that patio and now I can blow it off in five minutes. We didn't own a weed eater, either, which is maybe odd because we have a LOT of yard. Both items are things we needed but I didn't want to have to buy. So I waited. And waited. And they came to me. As things nearly always do. I just have to be patient.

I also picked up the two wood-and-iron patio chairs that you see in the above photo, as well as that white round thing. The white round thing is a Roomba, which is a robotic floor cleaner. The Roomba also came with a box full of all of its accessories (docking station, power cord, etc). I will probably sell the Roomba but it appears to work.

The Ryobi leaf blower with attachments.
Another interesting thing I found on the curb was this old wooden filing cabinet. I have been waiting patiently for a four-drawer filing cabinet to replace the two little metal ones I currently have. (And which I find to be unbearably ugly.) And who knew that wooden file cabinets even existed? I didn't.

The message printed on the back of the wooden filing cabinet

Side view of the cabinet.
I also picked up this basic Ikea bookcase. It matches some of the Ikea furniture in our house and goodness knows we are always needing more bookcases around here. Somebody painted the back panel bright red but I will either repaint it or tear it off.

Ikea bookcase and the back of the wooden filing cabinet
These were my main scores from this round of bulky trash pickup. The following morning I also scavenged some fence pickets, several metal T-posts, some pretty red brick pavers, a pair of concrete blocks, a full set of Rubbermaid car mats, and a large panel of new sheet rock (which I needed for some sheet rock repairs).

Scavenge on, my friends!


  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I can not believe what people put in the trash.

  2. Great finds!! I've always wished I had a trailer when I am there for this reason!!

  3. There is an entire job class of people is southeast asia that pick through the trash that is barged over there from the US and other industrialized places. They find all the good stuff - clothes, electronics, etc - and sell them at market.
    An entire job class. Picking through our waste. Mind. Blown.
    Your score is huge. And awesome. I'm so stoked for you! And that file cabinet should now read: "Property of Making Shift." I guess our tax dollars paid for it at some point and now it's back to it's rightful owner! yay!

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