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Me with Floyd, the rooster that attacked me one too many times.
I have been interested in homemaking- radical homemaking- ever since I got my first post-college apartment. Not post-World War II consumer housewife homemaking, but being in my home and creating useful things for my own use. In those early years I did a lot of gardening and started shopping more in thrift stores. Since then I’ve brewed beer, canned produce, made compost, kept chickens for eggs and meat, cooked a LOT from scratch, learned to sew, learned to knit, made vermicompost, cloth-diapered my babies, and scavenged a whole lot of stuff out of the trash. I’ve also given and received a lot of clothes through swaps and old-fashioned friend-to-friend handing down. 

In addition to practical homemaking and self-sufficiency, I’m interested in community. I am interested in people. Experiencing a sense of community with others is important to me. I come from a close-knit, loving family and I feel a strong sense of community there. I also look for it in my neighbors, my children’s schools, and outside my physical realm on the Internet. I hope that this blog will become another source of community, a place to share ideas and experiences with others.

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  1. Hi Karen!! Just found your blog - via your comment on one of Shannon Hayes (love her!) blogs. Love what you are doing here! I am becoming a radical homemaker/making do/ re user extraordinare one step at a time! Looking forward to your future posts! :)

  2. Thanks, Jenn! I'm glad you're here.

  3. I have been a very passive bystander of this blog but I'm ready to dig in. Love it.


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